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Home Products Education EZ-Comm+

EZ-Comm+ is a platform that ensures connectivity, safety and security providing an extra edge to the world of understanding child’s overall development.

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Bilateral communication between school and parents.


EZComm+ as the name suggests, means 'Easy Communication', it is a cloud based platform for connecting all groups associated with an educational institute. EZComm+ provides excellent tools for data acquisition and reporting. EZComm+ is an outcome of years of research and endeavour by experts from the education industry and software professionals working together to craft a world-class system that can work as a social platform cum ERP for educational institutions.

      The ultimate goal of EZComm+ is to keep everyone on the same level to bring about all-round development of the students. EZComm+ comprises of the following modules:

  • School Administration
  • Transport Tracking – Child/School Bus
  • Fees Management
  • Child progress
  • Communication – SMS, E-Mail, Mobile App Notification
  • Timetables
  • Feedback by Teachers to Parents and vice versa

     Under these major modules, EZComm+ maintains regular multi-way communication through cloud-app, SMS and Email alerts and notifications on smart-phone through EZComm app.


* To Communicate with parents
* Mobile App for parents
* To ensure child safety
* To build awareness about child growth through regular performance and progress reports to parents
* To send reminders for fees
* To post announcements and circular with mechanism to track the read status
* To share activity photos/videos
* To track transport vehicles on map
* To form question bank for setting up exam question papers

and many more interesting features.


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