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Enso-EXIM is an enterprise application that caters to the needs of the organizations that are in Exports-Imports domain.

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Enso-EXIM is a software application related to companies dealing in exports & imports. With this software application organizations will be able to handle the process from ordering to Inventory Management to Sales. This tool is developed to  assist  the employees in their day to day operations and remove ambiguities in their process flow as well as reduce operation time by minimizing paperwork to  the least. The application developed is very easy to use, extensible  and navigation of the  tool  is flawless and understandable to a novice.  Enso-Exim has multi-level, multi-location hierarchy feature and data entry forms that are required in the business of these organizations.

Enso-EXIM is conceptualised and developed in such a way that organizations are enabled to manage the data from multiple locations all around the globe. The BI (Business Intelligence)  tools present in the application generate reports of various verticals like import, inventory management and sales at the click of a mouse. Decision making becomes very 

Below are the features that make Enso-EXIM one of a kind software application that targets the niche sector of Imports & Exports Sales

  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Multi-Location, Multi hierarchy 
  • Dynamic Dashboard where in multiple report views will be visible
  • BI (Business Intelligence) Reporting
  • Process Flow from Material Request ->Import->Storage -> Sales -> Export as per Industry standards



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