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Enso - Learner Management Systems(Enso-LMS) provide a key function for the modern enterprise. It enable an organization to consolidate their learning activities and align people development activities.

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Deliver, Manage and Track Engaging Learning Experiences.

Enable IT Solutions’ powerful, new Learning Management System (Enso-LMS) makes it easier for you to assign, administer and document the results of your employees’ training from virtually any location around the world. Its enhanced feature gives you flexibility, customization and ease-of-use.
Employees learn what they need to know, and can easily pace them and review material as needed. Managers can assign training and track progress and mastery of essential information.
Transfer knowledge and transform performance with the Enso-LMS from Enable IT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

• Define your specific “Roles” based on “User Permissions.”
• Simplify curriculums by arranging pre-requisite order or assigning them as required or optional.
• Deliver email alerts and scheduled reports.
• Reports are completely customizable, can be created from scratch, and are available in a variety of formats with the option of including graphics and data that you can filter.
• Customize your site with GUI (Graphical user interface) and branding.


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